This book tells you how to travel around America in a motor home RV.
Travel around USA on the cheap, @ $10 a day.

 Discover how to buy a second-hand RV travelling-home on the Internet (totally safely).

 and then drive it all over America on ten dollars a day.


 Read about Don & Lyn Nicholson, a golden-age couple from Australia,

 and how they made their first-ever RV trip around USA.


What they learned will benefit you when you make your trip of a lifetime.  


This is their book.

Their story with pictures and heaps of useful, hands-on advice. RV_America10day-cover.jpg

They actually did what you want to do.

See America up close and meet the real people.

Go where you want to go. Stop when you want to stop.

See the things that interest YOU. All on a budget.






       Excluding food, fuel and fun their travelling cost them about $10 a day!

Get this: When they finished travelling they sold their bedroom on wheels for slightly more than it cost them! All perfectly legal and the purchaser was delighted.

You could do the same, once you know how they did it! Life's best lesson: learn from other people's experiences - and their mistakes!

They travelled north, south, east and west all over USA for 66 days at an average cost of $10 a day. You could do that!


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Dear Friend,


I returned recently from visiting Don and Lyn Nicholson in Brisbane, Australia. You won't believe this at first, but please read their story through to the end. Knowing what they did when they drove all around America could save you a bucketload of money.


Visit Washington DC, Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, see Niagara Falls.
They bought a 10 year old recreational vehicle motor home in Los Angeles, almost straight off the Internet. (That's a story you should read.) They travelled 13,000 miles around USA. They had a great trip, mostly parked free overnight. They found free clean toilets and hot showers wherever they went.
Nothing is difficult when you know the short cuts. They explain it all in their book.



First you need to know that Don and Lyn are both over 60 years old. So I'm not describing a couple of teenage backpackers.

Don works as a road marker, painting signs that say STOP and BEWARE OF CROCODILES. He had to repaint the one which read SHCOOL BUS STOP.

To complete the picture of Don, he didn't finish high school but he's handy with a spanner. That's important to this story.


Lyn has an eye for an opportunity. And she can cook. When they travelled she found places to park their RV overnight which didn't cost a penny. Yes, there's free parking in America - if you know where to go.


She found places to get free maps, free food, free showers, not free but cheap gas, places to replenish essential supplies for a fraction of retail prices. Lyn used her housekeeping skills to save a bag of money on theeir RV.


They travelled all over America for 66 days in a RV motor home. They drove over mountains, deserts and canyons. They had a marvellous time. All this cost them $10 a day, average.

Read their story if you want to travel cheaply around America while still enjoying the comfort of a home on wheels. They had almost every amenity a regular house has (except for a letterbox). They enjoyed all the sights of America. Rocky mountains. Las Vegas. Grand Canyon. Niagara Falls. Florida. Mississippi. They had absolutely the trip of a lifetime.


I wanted to know how they did it on $10 a day, in detail. Surely you also want to know how they did it? (So you can do the same thing!)

Don and Lyn kept a diary with every tip, technique and shortcut, all faithfully recorded, with photos and videos.


I said "This would be incredibly helpful to other first time mobile motor home travellers. Americans yes, but especially visitors from other countries." Anyone who likes the idea of travelling around America by motor home but is fearful of the cost and all the different state regulations should read their report.You can download it now for us$10.



They make it all seem so easy. It wasn't, of course, but their book does remove dozens of obstacles for those who follow them. You can put their experience to your advantage.

Yes, things can go wrong on a long trip. That's normal. But when you read what Don and Lyn discovered you'll be one giant step ahead. You could even AVOID the nuisances and annoyances which could distract you from the enjoyment of your trip.


After you've read their story you'll say "Hey, let's do that!"


Let me explain what you'll learn when you read their report


  • What to look for in a motor home. There's a check list.
  • How to buy a motor home in USA using the Internet, with total safety.
  • How to transfer money to a complete stranger, with absolute safety.
  • What size motor home will suit your needs. This may surprise you.
  • What is essential, what's nice to have, and what's not important.
  • What you MUST know about the engine, tires and the RV toilet.
  • Six questions to ask about the van's cooking facilities.
  • What documents you get asked for when you cross a state border.
  • What's different driving a one ton vehicle after driving a car.
  • Where to go for clean toilets and hot showers all over America.
  • When to fly your own country's flag and when NOT to.
  • How to join in the camaraderie of other RV motor home travellers.
  • What to bring with you from your homeland before you set off.


There are 99 other tips you should know.




OK, if you want to download the full report now-


click this link:


The book is us$10 to download. You'll recover that in one day if you know where to park your RV motor home overnight free. You'll save it ten times over when you go to fit out your RV.


Please have your Visa or Mastercard credit card ready so you can buy their book. This is a 100% secure site. (Same as used by Swiss banks, US Military, Amazon and department stores.)




Tip: Follow on a map where Don & Lyn travelled for about $10 a day average, including different places to sleep.


Everyone with an RV travels their own route, but you can save money by learning from Don and Lyn's experiences.


You'd be crazy not to.


How Don & Lyn earned a little money along the way


and it was all completely legal.


This is Don and Lyn dancing their way across America. They could have recited poetry, told stories, sang songs or played golf.
But rock'n'roll was how they got to meet the real Americans, up close and personal.

Can you dance? Can you tell a funny story? Sing? Recite poetry?

Read short stories from a book?

Then you can probably earn enough in an hour to fund several day's travelling.





That's Don and Lyn dancing rock'n'roll. They won cash prizes just for turning up! They were guests of honour at various Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis etc clubs along the route. After a good lunch for two, Don told folk stories about his native Australia.

In the next town he'd put on a suit and talk about business opportunities in Australia. He was presented with gifts of petrol vouchers. Enough to keep their motor home rolling along for another few days.

In their book, Lyn explains to you four other ways they received cash, gas/petrol vouchers, free restaurant meals (yes, free) and other benefits. No, they weren't beggars or buskers. They are dignified senior citizens! But what they offered (and you could do this too) meant the people they met took them to their hearts with generosity.

In their report, Don explains the technique whereby you drive your RV motor home to a casino and park in their car park at no charge. You didn't know that? This also qualifies your whole family for a free breakfast. Yes, a free breakfast. And a casino breakfast in America is a substantial meal, enough to last most humans through the whole day!


Bet you didn't know about that either?


My friend, it seems there's a lot you should find out before you go driving around America.


See how close you can get to living on $10 a day the way Don & Lyn did?


(Use their technique at home, to help you save for your trip!)


For instance, the generous welcome your RV motor home gets in small towns can be dramatically different from what you'll find in big cities. You should learn all about this from Don and Lyn's experience. Even the unexpected challenges can be fun, when you know the short cuts. Yes, when you know the short cuts.






What to do when you have an emergency


Don says "There was a time when I needed a dentist urgently. Lyn got on the blower (that's a telephone in Aussie language) and I had free dental service that morning. Amazing. When you know where the stepping stones are across the pond you don't get your feet wet!


Let Don and Lyn show you how to


s-t-r-e-t-c-h your travel budget


Whatever you reckoned it would cost you per day to drive around America - halve it! Truly.


And you won't be starving or going without the interesting side trips. For instance, the entrance fee to The Smithsonian Museum is $10 each. Don and Lyn got in free because they knew to go on a Wednesday when entry is free for everyone. See. None of this is rocket science.


It's just a case of knowing where the free rides are.


I told you Don was handy with a toolbox


This saved them about $50 when the time came to install new spark plugs. (Quite normal when you drive over 13,000 miles). Later, Don helped another motor home family fix their broken shower. He and Lyn were their guests and they enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, offered as payment.


That's another way they got to meet the American people up close. Yes, their dinner cost was zero that night.


Don said "I had lined up a couple of research projects to do for two Australian companies while we were touring America. I had to check whether their brand of roadmarker machine was still available in certain areas. Hardly a tough job. Their American affiliates paid me my 'visitation costs' in petrol/gas vouchers. Plus, the boss invited Lyn and me to his home for a lovely clam bake dinner. We had an amazing time.


Don explains how to get this kind of 'work' and how much it pays. And how to ensure your travel costs are tax deductible in your own country.


I could go on and on but I reckon you've got the picture by now.


If you plan to travel around America in a motor home, download this report now. It takes about 10 seconds. Let Don and Lyn show you all the short cuts, free medical benefits and other amazing opportunities they discovered. Actually, they're there all around you. Often right under your nose. But you need to recognise them. Don and Lyn will show you how.


Use O-P-E


OPE is using Other People's Experience. I'm confident you'll learn so much from Don and Lyn that you'll be absolutely delighted. If you're not, my 100% money back guarantee is your protection. No fuss. No hassle.


Usually, the money back guarantee on an ebook report is for 14 or 30 days. But this ebook report has a ONE YEAR money back guarantee. That's because it might be a year before you actually make the trip. I know it can take 3-6-9 months to get the right combination of accrued vacation time / summer season / family matters sorted etc before you can go.


While the recession lasts, holidaying in a mobile home makes more sense than staying in a flash resort. Besides, there are so many free opportunities right where you live.


Travelling around your own country on $10 a day in a mobile home is within anyone's holiday budget. You'll learn how to do that.


Thank you for reading this far. Even if you hadn't thought about travelling around America in a RV motor home, I urge you to buy the report and use the short cuts in your own home area. Start with short 100 mile excursions. Go somewhere you haven't been before. Take 4-day weekends. Enjoy life.


Read about the adventures Don and Lyn had. Think about doing the same. Talk about motor home travelling with your companion. This book might persuade a reluctant traveller to be a tiny bit adventurous - with all the comforts of a mobile home.


If you have children, give them the experience of life on the road. Let them meet interesting people. Encourage them to collect stories and tell stories. Travel is a great educator. It's a great way to bring geography and history to life.


Please answer these questions:


  1. Is this an adventure you've always wanted to do?
  2. Have you never travelled because it always seemed too complicated?
  3. If you don't travel America now, when will you do it? When?


You can even sleep with your favourite pillow in the same bed every night. That's better than the lottery of what you'll find on sixty different hotel beds. And with your own motor home you don't have to pack up and check out by 10am. You OWN your bed on wheels.


That's all, folks. Decision time is here.


Start planning YOUR holiday of a lifetime.


You can download the full ebook report to your email in about 20 seconds.


It has lots of coloured photos, useful links to websites, little history lessons and a story which I hope will encourage you to make your own trip around the wonderful US of A. The book is us$10. With a one year money back guarantee.


Please have your credit card ready. Visa or Mastercard. Secure site guaranteed. (It's the same as Swiss banks and US Military use.)






<< Brian Morris. I'm a good friend of the Nicholsons.

I helped them write their book.

(Maybe I can help you too?)

My worldwide telephone number is


Remember, I'm EST+16 hours.

Email:   or  

The book carries my one-year-money-back guarantee. Yes, one year!

My website has lots of ebooks about bargain travel. > >


You're on your way to see America up close. With your own house-on-wheels.


PS> Confucius said "Trip of one thousand miles begin with first step." 


The old Chinese philosopher was right. Dreaming the big dream is good, but taking action is better.


Take this first step towards your trip of a lifetime. I promise you this: you won't regret it. America is an amazing place. You'll meet some wonderful people. Travel for $10 a day.


PPS> Look what else you get


When you download Don and Lyn's ebook report you'll also learn where to park in US cities absolutely free. That'll save you at least $25 a night. Where to get a free breakfast. Lots more. OK.


Tell the neighbours "Please feed the cat. We're off to drive all over America."


PPPS> I know your dream is to travel around America in a motor home; stop when the mood takes you; see the sights; meet local people; travel with all the comforts of a (small) home on wheels. And TODAY is when you start.


But you need to know what's involved. How much does a recreational vehicle cost? Where are you allowed, even welcomed, to park each night? Can you park overnight in a National Park? You need to learn all the tips and techniques for an enjoyable time travelling around United States by RV motor home.


Lyn and Don Nicholson from Australia did this and they wrote the book. It's more than just an interesting read, as they'd never done this before. It's a guide book with 47 useful how-to-do-it pointers for RV motor home travellers. Whether you're British, Swedish, Irish or American, your dream trip is closer than you think. And probably a lot less expensive than you expected.


If you do it right.


This is where your dream to drive around America in a recreational vehicle turns into a PLAN. A plan with costs and dates. See what Don and Lyn did and learn from their experiences. It'll help you avoid the mistakes they made.


Hit the download button now




The End? No. This is just the beginning of your adventures.


Enjoy life while you're still fit and healthy.