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Here's what you must know before you try to get elected

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Learn 12 insider secrets 

from a (now retired) professional politician.

Michael Cox has summarized his lifetime experiences of how to win elections in one ebook.

Now he helps other people get elected. Young and old, famous and unknown. 


If it's your turn to stand for election, use his experience...

This is where you find out 

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO to get elected . . . step by step. 

Here's one key point: every person who gets elected follows a successful plan. 

There are no exceptions.

This is true whether you want to be elected to the school committee, town council, sheriff, dogcatcher, senator or MP. 

The Cox 'Get-Elected-Master-Plan' formula is useful in each case. 

Only the size of the operating budget changes.

You can download the whole Cox Plan right now.


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Dear Candidate, Dear Campaign Manager,
  So you're thinking of standing as a candidate for election. You've never done this before and you wonder what's involved. Right?

  Your friends say "Someone has to do something"

and they all look at you. Right?

  You say "I'll think about it" or "Let me get back to you".

 Now you're thinking - How do I make the right decision on this? Where can I find a short but useful SUMMARY of what is involved in standing for election? Who do I know who has vast experience in doing this? 

 Somehow your search has brought you here to Michael Cox. So far, so good.

 My name is Brian Morris and I've followed the careers of dozens of political leaders all over the world, including Michael Cox. I've watched them work their way up the slippery slope of getting themselves elected.

 Following elections has been a hobby of mine for over 50 years. I've observed and analyzed the tactics used by politicians at local community elections and at the national level.

 Mostly, I noticed the successful ones all follow the same proven steps.


This is not rocket science.

Firstly, they build their personal profile and reputation. Then they conduct an effective election campaign. When they do it right, they get elected.


Warning: I've seen a lot of honest effort go unrewarded. I've seen a lot of money wasted on campaigns which had NO PLAN.

Often I've cringed because good people deserve a better fate than failure.

 I've also seen quite ordinary people get elected. To be generous, they usually had a tremendous campaign manager. They certainly couldn't have got elected without one.

  I'm the person who persuaded Michael Cox to put his lifetime experience of planning political campaigns into a short but useful book. I said to him "Don't put names in because I don't want you holding anything back in case it might embarrass someone."

Just tell us THE KEY STEPS all the successful candidates take.

 Tell us THE PROVEN PROCESS which results in them getting elected. Cover the field from parish council level to the Cabinet Room. 

 His book will help you reach your first decision: whether to stand or not. Michael doesn't gloss over the down-side of standing for election. Yes, you must do this with your eyes wide open.

  He explains about how to raise big campaign funds. How to double the donations figure you expected.

 He explains how to keep a close control over money being spent by other people. He explains the vital importance of picking the right people to help you campaign. He explains what personal characteristics to look for in volunteers.

 He explains the role of your spouse or partner and children. There's a lot more to making this decision than you might think. Do it right first time.

 I spent a lot of time helping Michael develop this

Novice-Politician-Gets-Elected Master Plan

so it's easy to use. I've checked and I've seen NOTHING quite like this. You won't find it in bookshops.

 Sure, there are political text books but, for you right now, I think they are next to useless. Most are too long. Bill Clinton's MY LIFE is 957 pages. Margaret Thatcher's book is over 1000 pages.

 Besides, they skip right over entry-level politics, like how to get elected to the local town council. Or how to get on the local school committee.

 Most were too technical. Interesting books, but it's too soon for you to bother with them, I reckon.

 I told Michael "Keep it short. No flim-flam. No funny anecdotes about your time in Parliament. Just advise these entry-level people who need help right now to make their first political decision (Yes, I'll stand! or No, but thanks for asking me.) "

 Then, if they decide to stand for election, I said, "show them the next few critical decision steps".

 Explain briefly, BRIEFLY! how the election process unfolds in western democratic countries, regardless of party. "And I want all this in a book I can read from cover to cover in under an hour."

  The amazing thing is, he's done it.

 In a few minutes from now (plus the 5 seconds it takes to download the whole ebook to your computer, phone or printer) you will have the distilled wisdom of 30 years of how to win political campaigns, written by an experienced politician and campaign manager.

 If you're just getting started in politics, this is powerful dynamite. Don't let it fall into the wrong hands.

 When you read this book, it'll be like Michael is standing at your shoulder, giving you IMPORTANT TIPS to guide your campaign planning. Especially your election campaign strategy, because that's where you need the most help.

 THEN you'll be ready to make your own important decisions.

  You'll also be ready to start assembling people for your campaign team. Better still, you'll know PRECISELY what every team member has to do. It's all there in your Cox Get-Elected-Campaign Master Plan ... and you want all this to be EASY, right?

  First, some hard facts. The average candidate standing for election is already a busy person. You don't have the time to do heaps of research reading about what is involved in getting elected.

   Michael has done all this research for you.

 He included the knowledge and experience that only comes from making mistakes. Some were his own early mistakes and other incidents happened to other people in politics. You'll learn from their errors. Trust me, that's the cheapest way to learn.

 With 30 years of helping new people stand for their first election, usually successfully, Michael's experience is second to none. Second to none. That's why his book is so useful. He's walked his talk. He has an impressive track record. He's done all the hard yards stuff. Now that he's retired, he's sharing.

4peopleMeetingShirts.jpg Getting elected isn't a walk in the park

First, you need to know how to play the game. That is, how to WIN your nomination election. That's especially true if you belong to a political party. Just look at the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama battle. You can avoid all that wasted energy. You don't want to end up as cannon-fodder either.

  You also need to know where the boundary is between a stand-out individual and a maverick.

  Another important section in Michael Cox's book is how to double and treble (yes, TREBLE) the level of contributions which come in from rich supporters. There's one special sentence which usually achieves this, time and again. Often, they give even more than treble!

  That's the power of one sentence, when you use exactly the right words. EXACTLY the right words. Don't tinker with the wording. It works!

  Hey, you can never know too much about successful fund-raising. (This technique also works in non-political situations like fund-raising for schools, churches, sports clubs and social clubs.) 

Within one hour from NOW you'll know how to:

  • Reach your Do I? or Don't I? decision
  • Understand the key role of your spouse or partner
  • Create a high personal profile in your local media
  • Get a high profile without appearing smug or arrogant or aloof
  • Get people at HQ to notice you and your campaign
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your face-to-face time when canvassing
  • Climb the electoral tree from parish to Parliament in record time
  • Use emails, letters, posters, radio and other media, confidently
  • Get public endorsements from big-name celebrities
  • Attract big-dollar donations from lots of rich people

  Michael Cox was the Junior Parliamentary Whip and Election Campaign Fund-Raising Manager for former Prime Ministers Rt Hon Jenny Shipley and the Rt Hon Jim Bolger through three elections. He has used his electioneering skills at the highest level.

Today's Testimonials:

  I explained about Michael's book to John Banks, Mayor of Auckland City who has faced numerous elections over the past 20 years. He said "Michael Cox helped me through my early years as a new member of parliament. He has a fund-raising ability second to none in this country. I'm glad he has written this book. He has the unique skill to ask people for (huge sums of) money to help a good cause."

   Next, we explained Michael's new book to the Hon Jim McLay CNZM QSO who was successful in rising through the ranks to become Deputy Prime Minister. He said "I can think of no one better than Michael Cox to be the guide and mentor to those aspiring to enter public life, in whatever role and at whatever level."

 Michael Cox knows how to handle a tough election fight. In one campaign his candidate was up against an entrenched and experienced party leader with an 11,000 votes margin. By applying his intelligent campaign strategies he helped cut that margin to just 68. No, that campaign didn't win, but look at what he achieved. Just one more busload of voters would have done it! "What we achieved was due to the astute campaign management and superior fund-raising of Michael Cox" said the Hon Katherine O'Regan, former Minister of Consumer Affairs.



  This is a valuable and important book. It is valuable because it contains the condensed wisdom of an experienced political campaign manager, perfected over 30 years of conducting campaigns for himself and dozens of other people.

  It is important because it sets out between its covers the key questions you must ask yourself and answer honestly. It is important because if you decide to stand for election you will need the Cox Get-Elected Master Plan it contains. It is important because this book will guide you, step by step, so you attract the right people around you to help you get elected.

  No one gets elected without a team. This little book gives you a huge advantage over any other candidate who hasn't got it. It isn't available in American or British bookshops. You can only buy it here, on-line.

  Michael wanted to charge $149 for it. I said "No. The person who NEEDS this book shouldn't have to think twice about getting it. Besides, if a candidate is going to give his or her time and their energy to the service of the public, make it EASY for them to get started." 

  I must have convinced him because then he wanted to give it away. Like, free. "No." I said. "If it's free people will think it has no value." We settled on $10. You can download it now. That's the whole book, with the Cox Get-Elected Master Plan. And you'll get all the bonuses too.

Click this BUY NOW button to download the book NOW. With 100% money back guarantee.

100guaranteeSymbol.jpg buy-now_2_blue2_s.gif

  Michael Cox's book comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Everyone who has seen it is very pleased with it. Everyone who has studied it says it's a great help. But if you're not delighted with it for any reason, just click the REFUND button for a 100% refund. The $10 charge will be reversed.  

 Because I want to make sure you have everything you need to start your election campaign today, I'm going to include a few BONUS short reports. They're attached to the book when you download it.

How to find one extra hour every day
Here's 50 tips and suggestions you might consider if you plan to find extra time for being a candidate. Even if you don't, having an extra hour every day (for the rest of your life) is useful.

How to write a Press Release
Whether the next campaign is for yourself or you're helping a friend, knowing the proper way to write a Press Release is important. You want newspaper editors to use what you send them, not toss it in the trash bin.

How to promote yourself
Boosting your personal profile is important whether you're a political candidate, a salesman or a business manager. Follow the steps and boost your personal profile.

Your Risk-Free Guarantee

  If you're not absolutely thrilled, just click the REFUND button for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.  Honesty is a two-way street. 

  Even if you ask for a refund, I appreciate you buying Michael Cox's book. Please keep the three Bonus Reports as our way of saying "Thanks". That's a guaranteed gain for you, no matter what you eventually decide to do!

  Did you notice what just happened?  I literally took ALL OF THE RISK off you when you download and read Michael Cox's book.

  Use the tips and strategies. Show it to your advisors. That's how much we believe in the benefit you'll get from it. Besides, you might end up as our local mayor or member of parliament. We'd like to stay on good terms with you.

It takes 5 seconds to download Michael Cox's book

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  Remember, this is the ONLY PLACE you can buy this book. It is not available in shops. 

  If you plan to be a politician you'll need to practise being decisive. People will throw questions at you all the time. They will not usually be as easy as this one . . .

Q: Do you buy Michael Cox's book and benefit from his 30 years of political experience? Or will you do things the hard way, without a proven plan? That's your first decision to make.
The obvious answer is yes. (If only they were all that easy.)

Brian Morris, (left) friend of Michael Cox - the book's author. Receiving another award.

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Street address: 1 Weka Place, Picton 7220, New Zealand.


"Winning is such a sweet feeling. It sure beats losing." Michael Cox

P.S. If you are contemplating standing for public office, you should know where the traps are for new candidates. Let someone with 30 years' experience guide you so you don't fail. 

P.P.S If you want to be seen as an enthusiastic fresh face; an up-and-comer, check Michael's tip on page 15 which tells you precisely how to impress the Big Names at head office. It might take just one insider tip like that to get you the nod. There's also a gang-buster tip on page 18 which 99% of novice politicians don't know. This book will definitely give you major advantages.

P.P.P.S. From now on, every book, every newspaper and every magazine you buy is a business expense. Michael's book tells you how to reliably keep a record of things like taxi fares, restaurant meals, flights, hotels, even a rented tux etc so you can claim the cost back, 100% legitimately. These add up to huge savings.

My friend, saving money on your campaign expenses is an absolute no-brainer decision. You can SAVE the price of this book several times a day for the rest of your life!

Click here to buy the book now.