Winning competitions is about

strategy, technique and persistence.

Not luck.
(This strategy helps you remember stuff for exams too.)


Every competition
must have a winner.

You can learn
how to be 
that winner.

Over and over
and over and ...


Every day ordinary people win cars, 
holidays, household appliances,
TVs, new computers, iPods,
all kinds of things.

Do you watch quiz shows on TV?

The Chase. Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
Do you sometimes call out the correct answers?
Then how come you don't get the prizes?
I'll tell you why . . .

Because you've never learned how the competition industry works.

Do you send in coupons hoping to win a TV or an ocean cruise?
Winning prizes isn't rocket science. There is a system.

There are winning techniques.
Read here to discover how you can become a regular prize winner.

Friday 4.15pm

Dear Friend,
  My name is Brian Morris and the day I met Bill Fitzgerald was memorable. He was the first CONSISTENT contest and competition prize winner I'd ever met.

  Sure, I'd won prizes in quiz shows and competitions when I was a kid. Yes, I enjoyed being a winner, especially when I got to keep the new bicycle, smart clothes, big boxes of groceries and sometimes cash. Winning cash was always good. It still is.

Winning a year's supply of ice cream was fun.

  But I was an intermittent winner. I didn't have a strategy or a system. I guess I got lucky sometimes. Then I stopped entering competitions because it all seemed like too much hard work.

  That's why meeting Bill was significant for me and why it is also significant for YOU!

 Bill Fitzgerald PROVED his contest winning strategy and his system for remembering things worked when he became Mister Mastermind Australia 1980. I won't call his remembering things system 'amazing' because it's so simple. How come we don't all know it and use it?

Let me explain something important . . .
  I recognised Bill as being someone special. Not in the way of God-given-talents or having a memory like a savant. He wasn't born any different to any one of us. But he was smart enough to work out a system for remembering the answers to quiz questions, a technique for passing exams, and a fairly simple way to win quiz competitions CONSISTENTLY.

  I've been in business over 40 years so I'm no bunny. I said "Bill, you should write a book about your ability to win quiz competitions and take home big cash prizes."
  I was shocked by his response. "Why? I'm an old man now. Yes, I've won hundreds of quiz competitions and I've lived a bountiful life. I've got everything I need. Why should I take on the extra work of writing a book about winning contests? Forget it."

  We left it like that for two years until I thought of his hot button. Immortality.

  "Bill, wouldn't you like to leave a living legacy to the world? Your Bill Fitzgerald Mastermind Book which explains what you know about winning competitions and quiz shows. That's much better than taking your knowledge with you ... when you go?" We talked a bit about the Aztecs and the Incas and lost wisdom and gaining immortality. My message got through.

  Bill and I worked on his book. It took us a year. Now you can buy it. Download it. We talked for ages about how much his lifetime of knowledge and quiz show experience is worth. Frankly, it's priceless. But I convinced him to offer the book at US$10 so every ordinary person will have an opportunity to win cash and prizes using Bill's techniques.

 After today, people who remain poor will have only themselves to blame. Bill Fitzgerald's book explains how you can follow in his footsteps. What you'll learn will apply just as well in US, England, Australia, Asia, Canada, South Africa, Gibraltar - probably anywhere.

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 To ensure you get the FULL STORY on winning all sorts of competitions and quiz shows, I've included in the same book the combined wisdom of two other consistent contest winners: Shaw Finn and Al Benge. I studied their techniques and researched their systems. I've included EVERYTHING I could discover about winning competitions in the one book. It's the book you can buy NOW.

    There's so much in this book you should know. For starters:

  1. Do you know where all these quiz shows are? The places where you can win cash prizes? Basically, they are in pubs, sports clubs, county fairs, state fairs, A&P shows, school galas etc all over the English-speaking world. See Bill's comments on page 72 in his book. You'll see them once you know what you're looking for. You'll find competition coupons in magazines, supermarkets, shops almost everywhere.
  2. Does being a regular contest winner do you any good socially or in business? Yes. Bill has dined out on his winning ways for years. His reputation gets him invited to all sorts of minor celebrity events. He doesn't go to them all, but it's nice to be invited. See page 72.
  3. Is there a risk you can overload your brain with too much information? No risk at all. Fresh information creates new synapse links in your brain to other things you already know. The more synapse links you have, the better. People with dementia don't have enough. Read page 73.
  4. Are there special phrases to use? Yes. For instance, Bill says "Always remember" whereas non-winners usually say "Don't forget". Did you spot the simple difference? One's a positive instruction to your brain. The other's a double negative! Bill explains on page 74 his technique for remembering lots of facts and figures. He used to lecture on world history at university level.
  5. We're all individuals, but good technique is universal. If your children ask you what subjects they should study at school, suggest history. See why on page 75.
  6. Bill's section of the book has 14 important lessons. Lesson 8 is useful, whatever your work is. For instance, if you have a 150 page business report or textbook to study, "to understand it, you don't need to read the whole thing". See why and learn how on page 76.
  7. Has anyone taught you 'mind-mapping' as a creative brain-storming technique? It's really useful and quick. It's explained on page 79.
  8. Bill was voted 'the best lecturer Kent State University has ever had' by students. He brought excitement and showmanship into his lectures. He explains his teaching technique on page 81. Before long they made him professor and he taught his 'learning is exciting and easy' techniques to all the other lecturers. Bill Fitzgerald is still fondly remembered there. That's a form of immortality.
  9. BEFORE you start winning serious money and lots of big prizes you must keep records. Your minimal filing system is explained on pages 21-26. A simple exercise book is all you need to protect yourself when the IRD say they want you to pay tax on the cash you've won. Don't worry, your files are your protection. Pay the tax that's due. You'll have plenty of money to pay it with.
  10. There are heaps of useful websites scattered throughout the book. These become especially useful when you know the quiz you're in has been organised by the Young Farmers Club, or the European Travel Club or the Music Society.
  11. There are detailed sections covering: competition entry forms; proof of purchase; when to post entries; Finn's Secret Code Name Technique. Read about these on page 37. For instance, if it's announced the winner was Shaw Finn, that tells him which slogan he sent in that was judged best. Whereas if Mr S Finn came fifth, he knows which slogan was not as good. Etc.

Three Warnings

  There are lots of competitions to avoid. Yes, avoid. Avoid competitions which come in your email box. They're worse than s'p'a'm. You should read about 'identity theft' on page 40. It's real enough.

  Avoid phone-in competitions. After they ask "could you hold while I check your answer" and you're being charged $9.99 a minute on your telephone account, you'll understand why. It's all explained on page 41.

  There's a whole section on "complete this sentence" and "slogan writing" and "put these ten items in order of importance". Did you realise there are 3,628,800 possible combinations! Those competitions become pure lottery. By all means enter, but read page 46 to calculate your winning odds.


Read what these people say about this book:  
    "I never realised these quiz shows and fun competitions went on all over the world. I thought they just happen on TV. I'll be looking for heaps to enter now I know what to do." Holly Huffington, Auckland, New Zealand.

  "When I read the book I divided my options into live quiz shows, entry form competitions and pure luck lotteries. Now I send a few hundred entries into those contests I chose to enter. I've got a good system going now. It doesn't take much time." Edward Harvey, Front Royal, Va, USA.

   "Wow, the stuff I didn't know about competitions. Those "please hold the line" b***s for a start. Was I naive or what! I enjoy pubs, so now my mates and me look for pub quiz nights. Thanks for the tips. I'm keeping a list of how I do." Bevan Byron, Camden Town, England.

Other testimonials are on file.

OK. I think you know by now whether you want to buy this book

'How To Win Top Prizes In All Sorts Of Competitions'
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Bill Mastermind Fitzgerald lives a quietly bountiful life in sunny Brisbane, Australia. You are probably just as clever as he is.

So how come you aren't rich?  Tip: Do something different to break the cycle of not having enough money. Find out how to win competitions.



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Dear friends, there is a recession coming. . .
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'How To Win Top Prizes In All Sorts Of Competitions'
Decision time is here.

Be honest: how many times do you consider a great opportunity

... and take no action?

How many decisions do you need to make today?
Probably just one.

Remember,it's strategy and technique that win competitions, not luck.

Let me say that again,it's strategy and technique that win competitions, not luck.