How to potty train your puppy in 7 days,


so he never does a pee or a poop


inside your house ever again.


From: Brian Morris  Friday, 7:24pm

Dear Puppy Owner, 

A new puppy should be fun. But until he is trained he will pee and poop inside the house.

It's his instictive way of marking his territory.

Don't blame him. He hasn't been shown how to 'hold on'.

He hasn't been trained to give you the signals which say "I need to go outside for a pee or a poop."

Until your puppy is trained, you'll need to clean up his mess - if you can find it! This will happen every day. Stains on your carpet. Smelly brown stuff in dark corners.

It can be a nightmare - but it need not be. Your puppy needs training. You can start today.

My training manual costs $10. That's all. Download it in under a minute and get started.

If you haven't taken delivery of your puppy yet, that's even better. What you do on the first day you take your new puppy home can give you a huge advantage. 

Within 7 days you'll be enjoying your puppy. And you'll have a clean house that doesn't smell of dog pee. Eureka! Success!

Here's my story: 

    My wife brought home a delightful puppy, just 6 weeks old. A little bundle of ginger fluff. While he was at the pet shop that puppy just peed and crapped and pooped whenever and wherever he felt like it. He was doing what healthy puppies do naturally.

   We knew he needed training.

   We were given advice by pet shop owners, vets, other dog owners. Even people we met in the street. We read puppy training books. We watched puppy training videos.

   In those first few days we gathered together the best information from all sources. We coordinated it - made sense of it - put it into logical steps - and applied all our knowledge to little Samson. He was 6 weeks old and he hadn't a clue about proper potty behaviour! Teaching him was our job.


  That puppy was house-trained inside 7 days.

  Here's why: he wants to please his master. All he needed was a system to follow and for his master to be consistent in applying the house rules. Yes, CONSISTENT.

  I'm a writer. I kept notes which soon developed into a short book which set out a series of simple, sensible, do-able steps. What I wrote is what I will send you. You can download it now in less than a minute. I know you will be pleased. Whoever cleans up the mess on your floors will be relieved. (Pardon the pun.)


The "How To Potty Train Your Puppy" book explains:

  • What you do on the first day you take your puppy home. This is important
  • How to control WHEN your puppy does his pee and poop
  • The answer to HOW FREQUENTLY will your puppy do a pee and poop?
  • Don't punish your dog if he pees in the house BEFORE he is trained
  • Why you should put your puppy on a pee and poop SCHEDULE
  • What a typical DAILY SCHEDULE looks like
  • Why at first your puppy needs a SMALL AREA to live in
  • Why you spread newspapers on the floor BESIDE his sleeping place
  • Why it's important for you to BE CONSISTENT
  • When to extend your dog's ROAMING AREA within the house
  • How to get your puppy to TELL YOU when he needs to go outside
  • You can teach your puppy to RING A BELL when he wants to pee
  • You can have your dog bark his "I want to go outside to pee" SIGNAL
  • Final stages of the puppy training. Congratulate yourself.
  • In 7 days you will have a TRAINED DOG.

Question: Have you been in houses that smell of dog urine? Not nice!

Usually the owners no longer notice the smell -- BUT EVERYONE ELSE DOES!

You don't want your house to smell of dog pee. You don't want to discover congealed dog poop behind the sofa. Or worse - in your clothes closet.

Until he is taught otherwise, your puppy will go to a place inside the house where he thinks YOU won't notice his pee and poop. Consider this: he actually wants to please you. So he will seek out a quiet dark place to drop his bundle. He doesn't expect you to ever find it. Dog reasoning says: "If you can't find it, I won't get growled at." That's dog logic.

What YOU really need is ...

1. A simple 7 day plan which will result in you having a puppy that doesn't pee or poop inside the house.

2. The confidence that comes from knowing your puppy is house-trained. Henceforth, he will pee and poop outside.

3. A simple plan you can apply each day for 7 days. That's how long it takes to potty train any puppy.

... and you want the plan you follow to be EASY!

You don't want 999 pages of complicated instructions to read. You want a short book* that makes perfect sense. THIS IS IT!   

*(The artist made the book look bigger than it is. Sorry.) puppy_cover222.png


 A 30 day money back guarantee gives you time to see results. You got it. A whole 30 days.

Plus testimonials from people who have trained their puppies to not pee and poop inside the house, using this plan. They're all here.

"OK, how much?" you ask. Ten dollars.

Not $49.99? Not $39.99. Just ten bucks. Not even 'plus tax'. Just $10.
(Hey, it's not a big book, but it does have everything you need to know to potty train your puppy.)

(You'll read it inside one hour.)


Ebooks usually come with heaps of bonuses so here's what else you'll get.

Bonus #1: A simple 7 day plan that takes about 30 minutes to read and understand. That gives you more time to enjoy your puppy. That's a bonus.

Bonus #2: Within 7 days from now you will NOT have to spend time cleaning up the mess an untrained puppy leaves in your house. You will NOT have to buy bleach, disinfectant and cans of room freshener. That's a bonus.

Bonus #3: Your friends will remark on HOW QUICKLY your puppy progressed from uncontrolled to fully-house-trained. You'll be able to go out and leave your puppy in the house knowing there will not be any accidents to clean up when you return. That's a bonus.  It helps to have a dog-flap-door, so puppy can go into the yard exactly as you showed him how. 


Your 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee:

  If you are not absolutely thrilled with the rapid and delightful change in your puppy's behaviour just claim a FULL 100% REFUND. I can truthfully say it will not be a problem because we've never had a claim yet.

  When you are thrilled with your puppy's progress, you'll have got exactly what you wanted. That's precisely why I wrote this book. It works!

  You can start using this simple, effective plan to potty train your puppy TODAY. The download will take about 20 seconds. Use your VISA or Mastercard. Or Paypal. Payment encryption security is the same standard as used by Swiss banks and the US Military.



 I can't imagine there is anything more you need to know before you decide to buy this book and start to potty train your puppy. So let's do it. I know you will be delighted. And your puppy will benefit immediately by having ORDER and DISCIPLINE in his life.

All dogs respond to order and discipline.

Another bonus: You'll be the master of your own house again. A clean house with no poo smells!

Brian Morris

Dog Trainer & Author







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Remember, I'm USA EST+16 hours.


The book carries my 30 day money back guarantee.

I would welcome a testimonial with a picture of you and your puppy,

I'd like that. Send it to my email. 


P.S. The book is only $10.

It's not a big decision, but the benefit of having a puppy that doesn't pee inside your house EVER AGAIN* has to be a great step forward. *OK, your puppy might get over-excited by a visitor or stressed if you suddenly change his food, or he got frightened by a thunder storm, and he might unexpectedly let a pee go inside the house. Don't blame him. There's always a reason and I cover this in the final chapter.

P.P.S. If your puppy will eventually grow up to be a guard dog for your home or business, then this $10 training book is probably a tax deductible expense.

Ask your tax adviser "What other doggie expenses can also be legitimate tax deductions?"

You see, my friends, I'm on your side the whole way.

If you have a friend with a new puppy, or thinking about getting a new puppy,

please tell them about my website.   They will thank you.


Remember, what you do the first day you bring your new puppy home

is critical.