How to write a short ebook

How To Write A Short Ebook For Amazon

- Fiction or Non-Fiction. Your choice. From start to finish in 14 days.

- Most authors take months, even years, to write a traditional printed-on-paper book of about 90,000 words. Ebooks are shorter. Some can be written within 7 days - 14 days.

- My friend Richard Webster has had 140 books published. He writes four books a year.

- I've completed 44 ebooks myself (by following his advice), with no rejections. Most are on Amazon. Others are on

- Everything Richard writes gets published and he hasn't had a rejection in decades. The reason is simple. Richard discusses the book topic with his publisher BEFORE he starts writing a single word and he has learned HOW TO WRITE NON-FICTION QUICKLY.

- We are both quick writers. That's one of the keys to writer profitability.

- In this ebook I've listed the top 48 topics* which another super-successful ebook author / mentor says are the hottest topics to write about - because they always sell. I follow that instruction. (So should you.)

- This ebook explains how YOU can become a writer of short ebooks which sell on Amazon. (How many you sell depends on your topic. More so than your actual writing skill! Not many writers know that.)

- Your royalties will keep rolling in for 50 years.

- This ebook includes THREE BONUS items. Really useful helpers. For example, Bonus #3: If you get stuck and the various Q&A answers I've given you in the book STILL haven't helped you get unstuck, you call me. Yes, telephone me. Buying this ebook includes my offer to HELP YOU, if I can.
Brian Morris **********. <<< That is my home number in New Zealand.
Note: the actual telephone number is in the ebook, as you'd expect. But not here.

- Ebooks are quicker to write than printed books. Ebooks are produced in a shorter time than paper-bound books for several reasons. Significantly, they tend to have fewer pages, typically from 20 to 100.

- Most successful non-fiction ebooks address a particular niche topic or problem. When that topic is covered, the ebook is complete. Job done.  THAT is when you count the number of words - not before.

- Writing short ebooks is a mind-set thing. The vital first step is to identify a narrow niche topic you will enjoy writing about. That's what makes it fun. Fun to write and probably fun to read.

- I proved (to myself) this tactic works when I set out to write a complete ebook in one day. Absolute truth. I started at 8am Saturday 26 November 2011 and finished at 7pm that day, with only a short break for a sandwich lunch. The excitement of the task drove me on.

- It was a simple instruction book. How to grow sexy upside-down tomatoes. It sells steadily at $5 - many years later. I took all the photos and wrote the text in a burst of two-fingered enthusiasm. Frankly, it was a buzz. (BTW, Tom Gardiner is me. My ebook explains nom-de-plume names - and you should know when to use one!)

How to grow sexy upside-down tomatoes

- Why are non-fiction ebooks cheaper? Usually, they are short books. They don't have as many hours of the author's time invested in making them, and you know time is money. I can afford to offer a book for $5 if it only took me a day to write. Some I offer at $1. (Such as How to make a map lampshade. Amazon code = b00c1ap0hu. That one also took just one day to write.)

- Ebooks don't need typesetting, plates, printing, ink, paper, binding, cardboard cartons, warehousing, insurance, trucking, shipping or distribution. These overheads are significant in the traditional book publishing industry.

- Best of all, ebooks never get remaindered. So there is no built-in fund for unsold book recovery from retailers, return shipping costs, shredding and pulping costs, and waste disposal charges.

Your first step: Choose a suitable category

- The category I have had most success with is "How To"  titles. How to do this or How to do that. They are simple instruction books.

- Usually they serve an urgent need. Eg: "How to write your wedding day speech in 10 minutes". When the wedding is tomorrow - that's an URGENT NEED. (That ebook is on: )

- Or my ebook will address a high-intensity hobby interest. People with pets, boats, horses, planes, a particular sport, grandchildren etc.

Hobby people are well known to spend beyond the common sense level on their passion. (We all do this! No apologies if it's MY own money.)

*- There is a list of 48 hot topics in my book which Nick Dawes (my mentor) says sell in big numbers. He should know!

- Read the list of 48 topics. Highlight the ONE topic YOU would like to write about this week. Tick some others but keep them for next week.

- Note how many top-selling non-fiction ebooks begin "How To" Here are some of the hottest topics for ebooks.

  1. How to enjoy better sleep
  2. How to boost your creativity
  3. How to build your self-esteem
  4. How to bring up teenagers safely
  5. How to buy a house without paying too much
  6. How to care for your cat
  7. How to use Chinese medicine tips
  8. How to enjoy small container gardening
  9. How to cope with arthritis

- Sorry, no space to list them all here. But they're all in my book. All 48 hot topics.

- If you really want to write an ebook, start here, with this list of 48 topics. What Nick calls "The Hot 48".

- Read my ebook. Make notes. Above all, make a START.

- Your first ebook could be selling on Amazon next week!

- Royalties roll in 1-2-3 months later. (Depending on your sales.)

- The truly amazing thing is this: You write the ebook ONCE. But your royalties keep on earning for the next 50 years. That's a nice passive income. Very nice! (That's me, the chubby one on the left, being congratulated for making ebook writing easily available to the ordinary person of any age.)

- But to get your royalties you must start. This ebook is your guide. 

�START. Download the ebook now. $10.

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