I used to be a professional ghostwriter. Some of my friends are still active ghostwriters. We are all still highly paid as writers.
 Ghostwriting is an interesting and rewarding occupation. Especially as you can do it quietly as a discreet second income earner (alongside your regular job). 


  In these Virus Covid19 days, finding an alternative income source is important.

 No one need know you earn a healthy income writing other people's books for them. Lots of freelance writers, journalists, PR people and school teachers do this. Most of us don't boast about it.
  So why am I not still doing it? The truth is you can only do this kind of writing for about ten years before you get intellectually restless and you want to move on to other things.
That's the case with all three of us. We did it; we enjoyed the money we've banked and now we're moving on. Other projects beckon. 

  However, before that happened completely we wrote down all the techniques and important tips we knew, which YOU should also know, if you want to spend some time as a highly paid ghostwriter. Yes, your first book will bring you a modest writing fee. But that's how we all got started. 'Patience is a virtue' is true for ghostwriters too.

 You can download all this combined knowledge as a 'How to do it manual'.

  My name is Brian Morris. I didn't write this ebook report How To Be A GhostWriter, David Pardon did. With contributions from the rest of our group.

  Basically, I said "Before we all stop doing this, we should write down everything we know." (Which was fortunate because David is now deceased. R.I.P)

  We nominated David to write the master plan, not because he was the oldest, but because he has already encountered and solved 99% of all the problems you'll ever come across. For instance, How do you get regular information from your client when he's always out of town? David will tell you how he solved that problem. All his tips are in the book.

  In my case I ghostwrote mostly marketing reports, business documents, press releases, catalogues, brochures and speeches for other people. My clients were way too busy (making money, actually) to do this writing themselves. 

  My clients must have thought I delivered the goods because they paid me well. Very well. Yes, I enjoyed doing it. I also earned enough to upsize my family home with the proceeds.

  My friend Ray bought himself a Rolls Royce with some of his proceeds. It wasn't new, but he was thrilled with his classic Roller. People wondered how he could do it on a school teacher's salary. Now you know his secret.

  In Richard's case he wrote autobiographies - mostly for rich car dealers, property tycoons and show biz celebrities. Sometimes he was writing three books at a time. (Which is like earning three salaries in one year, all done legally.) You'll learn how to do that too when you read the manual.

  Richard is still a busy writer, with 124 books so far, so you could say he knows a bit about the writing business.

  David Pardon, the author of this ebook manual, wrote mostly informative "how to" instruction books. Usually with a marine or sporting flavour. His technique was to interview people who had some kind of specialised knowledge. Basically, he wrote down what they told him as their answers to his questions.

  Being a ghostwriter is not rocket science. Just follow the techniques of people who do it well. Good ghostwriters make a lot of money in this niche market.

  Sometimes you see their name on the book 'as told to David Pardon' or My Life Story by Lord BigName, 'with Ray Fox'. Being their co-author is another popular format. In every case, they pay you money to drive the project.

  David also wrote glossy 'coffee-table books' in conjunction with famous adventurers who were mostly out there somewhere on the ocean having high adventure. That describes Sir Peter Blake quite accurately.

  Do you really think Sir Richard Branson and David Beckham and Tiger Woods have got time to write a 60,000 words book and still do what they do? Of course not. (Now you know how their books get on the shelves.)

  Not all ghostwritten books are for famous people. There could be people in your town who want someone to help them write their book. Either FOR them or WITH them. That person could be you! 

  David also wrote some 'anniversary books' for organizations which wanted a smart-looking volume to mark their centennial celebrations - which they gave away to friends and clients etc.

  According to website 'GhostWriters Ink', the professional ghostwriter job placement service, the flat fee for ghostwriting is usually around $12,000 to $28,000 per book. If you've done any Google research you'll know the current ghostwriters at the top end are doing better than that. Even the middle-market writers and beginners are in demand.

  This is a worldwide phenomenon. People with big egos want a book with their name and photo on the cover. Just check the book stores, especially at Christmas.

  According to Wikipedia, a ghostwritten trade magazine article (not a book, but 3000 to 5000 words) earns for the author $4 per word or more, depending on the complexity of the article. That's quoting market authorities. Caution: please halve that rate in non-American markets.

  Writing about a company's new 'GoThump machine' is relatively simple journalism, so the going rate fee is under $4 a word. Whereas drafting a report on a breakthrough medical procedure for Brain Surgeon's Digest or The Lancet requires prior medical knowledge and research before you even start writing. So that ghostwriter's fee would be twice or thrice the normal rate.  
Ditto if the subject requires prior knowledge of cars, engineering, or the law. Or any specialised field. 


  Are you getting a picture here?

  US literary agent Madeleine Morel told Wikipedia: "The average ghostwriter's advance these days for writing a book which will go to a major publisher is between $30,000 and $100,000. 

 The New York Times said the ghostwriter's fee for Hillary Clinton's Living History memoir was $500,000. Well, Hillary got $8mil advance, so she could afford to pay a top level ghostwriter out of that. She surely got more for her second book.

GhostWriter LBJ.jpg GhostWriter Federer.jpg GhostWriter Thatcher.jpg GhostWriter Kennedys_.jpg

  Check in your area. Big name politicians either have a book already, or they want a book. And it will have their face and name on the cover. Airbrushed, Photoshopped and looking electable. That's how the game is played.

  I don't know where you see yourself on this ghostwriter ladder, but let's assume you have one foot on the first rung and you're ready to start climbing. Congratulations. Financially, you won't regret it. After ten years at it, you'll probably retire too. And write your own book about how you did it. Fair enough.

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By now you're wondering: "How do I get into this business?"

  Before I answer that, let me ask whether YOU are ready for the task.

  Being a ghostwriter is something any reasonably skilled writer can LEARN how to do. Just follow the instructions. It's a highly professional niche market because not many writers know the techniques. It's as much about YOU as it is about your writing.

Question 1: Are you already a proficient writer? For instance, are you a journalist? OK, Richard isn't a journalist. David is. I am. So it isn't a lock-you-out question. If you're a proficient writer we can show you the ghostwriter steps.

Question 2: Do you have the time? Once you've agreed to ghostwrite a book you must devote around 100 hours to the task. A book could take anywhere from one month to six months to complete.

  Tip: You ask for 1/3 of your fee up front, the day you start. The second third comes your way when the book manuscript is about halfway done. The final payment is received upon delivery. That's good money!

Question 3: Do you have the temperament to meet people with strong personalities and ask them searching questions? For instance, "Why aren't you still coaching that team?" or "How did you get planning permission?" or "What did you enjoy most about living in that town?"

  See what I mean? This is a step up from interviewing some delightful old ballet dancer who has reached 100. (Although those people might want their autobiography written.) Yes, there is a softer, gentler side to the ghostwriting business. It's not all about politicians and celebrities and business tycoons with big egos.

  If you're still with me, I'll assume you are serious. So let's talk details.


Here's what this ebook report contains

  To be a ghostwriter you'll need to know ALL these steps. Miss one step and you could be in a spot of difficulty. But follow all the stepping stones correctly and you'll be on a nice earner.

  It's also very satisfying to see your name on the book when it comes out. (We show you how to negotiate a higher fee when your name isn't mentioned.)

  As with all new challenges, your first project has the steepest learning curve. That's why you'll need all the help you can get right at the start. THAT'S why we wrote this book.

  Caution: Please don't start writing your someone's autobiography or go into paid ghostwriting until you've read this book two or three times.

  There's a lot to understand. It'll be your road map - so follow it. Scribble notes in the margin. There's a lot to learn, because ghostwriting is a different mind-set to writing fiction or journalism. It's not something you can just stumble into.

  When you know how to do it right, it's definitely worth it. Financially yes, but also there's great satisfaction in bringing your own story or someone's story to life. A printed book is forever!

  You probably know this (though most citizens don't ever think about it) but 99% of those autobiographies by famous sporting heroes, business tycoons and political bigwigs which come out every Christmas were written by ghostwriters.

  Look at the names: Sir Peter Jackson, Venus Williams, Tiger Woods, David Beckham, your local mayor. They're all too busy doing their thing to write a book! But their books are there in the book stores. Each one written by a ghostwriter. OK, 99% of them.

  It's a huge market. When these ghostwritten books sell - everyone involved makes money.

  The niche includes people in public office, entertainment, star chefs, adventurers, medical achievers, preachers. Even "I had a spot of bad luck" people and former criminals (like Ronald Biggs) want someone to write their side of the story.

  Your local football coach, fire chief or property developer could be asking his secretary right now "Find me a ghostwriter. Fortunately, you get to choose who you work with - or prefer to avoid.

  Tip: Start with someone easy and non-controversial. Someone like a retired mayor, or retired church minister, or decorated soldier, or anyone aged over 80. Charge a modest fee (say $2000) for your first one. Why such a low fee? That's simple. Because you need to have written at least one book to show people. Then you can truly call yourself a ghost writer. You definitely need at least one book with your name on the cover to show propective big-name clients.

  Top Tip: Plan to increase your fee with every book you ghostwrite. After all, people are happy to pay more to work with an experienced heart surgeon, gynecologist or ghostwriter.

  This ghostwriter guidebook has all the basic techniques and sound advice, with no padding. You'll read the whole thing in one night. But every word is essential. Think of it as a prudent investment to get you into a business that could earn you a steady second income for the next ten years. The older you are, probably the better you'll be at this. 


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  The site is fully encrypted to be 100% safe. Yes, there's a 100% money back guarantee.

  If you wonder what business scope there is for a ghostwriter (that's you now) who lives in a small town and who doesn't know any business tycoons, consider this. Is there a politician nearby with a big ego? (They all have some sort of ego!) Does your town have a department store owner? Does your town have a popular preacher? A golf professional? They are all your target market!

  Could you write a one page letter along the lines of "I've admired the contribution you've made these past 20 years and I'd like to work with you to put your memoirs into a book. I'm a professional ghostwriter. Could we get together to discuss this? Please call me 00000000.  Sign your real name. 

  Notice there was no mention of a fee. Not yet. (This is where most novices come unstuck because they don't know the basic rules. That's another reason why you need this book - to avoid the traps.)

  Is there any kind of family-owned business nearby where the founder is nearing retirement age? Use almost the same letter.

  Is there a school principal or world traveler or sports coach who has lived a full life? Believe me, they ALL think how nice it would be to have a book of their memoirs. Something which records the milestones of their life's work. Something to pass on to their grandchildren. A book to talk about to their buddies at the golf club.

  Not one of these people will write their memoirs without your help. Quite simply, because they don't know how.
This ebook report  How To Be A GhostWriter covers: 

  • how to structure an autobiography
  • how to get your first client
  • how much to charge
  • how to prepare the author/client contract, (there's a template to follow)
  • how to deal with book printers
  • how many copies to print
  • how to get your fee paid in advance, over three stages. 

  Yes, you need to know all this right at the start. 

  There's a huge difference between reading about being a ghostwriter on Wikipedia or Google and being advised precisely how to do it by an experienced ghostwriter mentor. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Etc. Simple steps with basic guidance and tips from our experience all the way. 

  Did I mention one of David's clients was Sir Peter Blake, the famous round-the-world yachtsman. He was almost never at home. But a glorious book Peter Blake's Introduction To Sailing got ghostwritten and published. David did most of it. The writing, the questions emailed to Peter, discussions with book publishers. Organising the book launch party. You need to know all this too.

  If you are serious about becoming a ghostwriter, then learning from an experienced expert is like having a comprehensive personal map through a potential minefield. Don't set off on your journey without it.

  OK. Decision Time Is Here

  I think I've told you enough for now. Decision time is here. If you're genuinely serious about becoming a ghostwriter then I earnestly recommend you download this Master Plan ebook now.
  As a professional ghostwriter-to-be, this book will be a tax deductible expense. (In the book we cover lots of other tax deductible things which most writers don't think to claim for.)

  Download How To Be A GhostWriter ebook for us$10.
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Did I mentioned there's a money back guarantee.

There's also a handy set of bonuses

Bonus #1 Gives you access to websites where you'll discover other ghostwriters. See what they're writing. Make friends with other ghostwriters. You'll be amazed whose names pop up! We focus on English language writers. 

Bonus #2 Has practical how-to tips for ghostwriters. These are derived from pure experience, distilled from ghostwriters who learned their craft the old-fashioned way. You won't find this stuff in creative writing books or journalism courses.

Bonus #3 is a list of ghostwriters' personal blog sites. There is a whole community of ghostwriters with more than 1,000 members. You should know about the various HELP services which are mentioned.

  Easy access to this niche will enable you to enjoy this next stage of your writing career.
Finally, this book is a well thought out complete instruction manual and worth the modest investment. I know getting into ghostwriting will be a lucrative step forward for you. But only if you take it.


Brian Morris, left, professional writer and friend of the author, receiving an award.

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David Pardon, Professional GhostWriter


PS The whole information package is delivered as a .pdf and takes 15 seconds to download to PC or Mac. When you've finished reading it you will be ready to start looking for your first ghostwriting assignment. Fortunately, you'll know precisely how to get started and what to do first, second and third. You'll know how much to charge and how long the project should take.

OK. Just one more step to go.
Download 'How To Be A GhostWriter' ebook for US$10.  Nothing more to pay, ever. 




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Is this THE END?  >>>  No. For you this is just the beginning.
I hope ghostwriting will be very kind to you. It certainly has been for all of us.