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Did you know that some big-name�airlines offer substantially�lower fares on�certain days each month. These�are�for exactly the same flights for which most�people�pay�full fare!

This is where you find out how and where to get huge reductions when�you�buy�cheap airline flight tickets online.

Thursday 11.55pm�

(In six minutes the bargain tickets get posted. I'm ready to pounce.)

Dear Traveller,

�� Whether you travel regularly or only occasionally, you can save $50 or $100 or $500 the next time you buy airline flight tickets online. What's more, you'll learn how to save money on every flight ticket you buy for the rest of your life! You should tell your friends and kids how to get this advantage.

�� For instance, did you know that exactly the same airline ticket usually�you were going to book�on a Thursday night will cost you sustantially less if you click the BUY button on Friday?

�� It�s true.�

�� People who have read my ebook say �Gee, I didn�t know that. I should�ve waited a couple of hours and got the saving.�� Yes, they should have. But they didn't know.

�� You know when people ask the airline to "hold that seat for me" the airline's software�does. For up to 24 hours. If the ticket isn't confirmed - and lots are not - those "held seats" get tipped back into the availability pot at one moment after midnight of the next day. But get this, it's a moment after midnight in the time zone of the airline HQ. So you need to coordinate with their time zone. For American Airlines it's midnight in Dallas. For British Airways it's midnight in London. For Qantas it's midnight in Sydney. Get the idea?


Hello, my name is Brian Morris.

I�ve been travelling the world for 40 years.

I know when to use my travel agent and when to�make my own bookings online.

There's a lot of valuable information in this book.

�� I reckon you�d rather fly knowing you paid significantly less than the person seated next�to you. For instance, did you know that on a typical jumbo jet flight there are 19�different fare structures.

Yes, you paid $97 and you�re sitting next to someone who paid $264.

The fare you pay depends on where and when and how you bought your ticket.

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'How to get BARGAINS when you buy airline travel tickets online'

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These questions help you find other savings when you fly

  1. Would you like to know about the 18 websites I've discovered where you can buy airline tickets for considerably less than Joe Public pays? They�re listed on page 2 of my ebook. Each website operates slightly differently from the others. That's why checking only one website when you buy tickets isn't enough. Well, not if you want to really save money.
  2. Do you want to know when and how to negotiate a lower-than-published hotel room rate? Read page 4. You'll be wasting your time if you try to negotiate with the wrong person.
  3. Do you know how to get a real human being to speak to when those pesky electronic telephones keep you on hold? Read page 4. This knowledge will save you precious minutes when you're already stressed.�(That's why you�called their 800 HELP line.)
  4. You�ve seen those tiny boxes �[� ] Include nearby airports� when you type in your destination city. My ebook shows you how that little box can save you $30 to $50 on most flights? It all makes perfect sense once you understand it. See page 5.
  5. Would you like to know the website I found which checks what 17 other ticketing websites offer? This means you get the absolute best fare available without checking 17 other places. Here's the best part: you only need to write in your travel dates and destination details ONCE, not 17 times. See page 6.
  6. Do you know the '8 hour window' when you�re most likely to see fares at their lowest level during that whole week? See page 7. The people who monitor ticket prices 24/7 found this 8-hour window when they checked ticket prices around the clock. Now you'll know when fares are at their absolute lowest.
  7. If you're not flying until 2-3-4 months hence, should you buy your tickets now or wait? See page 8 because there could be a $100-$200 difference in how much you�pay.
  8. Sometimes you save money by travelling the day before or the day after your planned date. See page 9 to know more. If you're reasonably flexible, you'll save.
  9. I've found one website which is actually manned by real people (not controlled by computer algorythms) and these people use their human brains to figure out bargains computers can�t recognise. See page 10. For instance, these people read worldwide newspaper financial pages.�For instance, they know that when a�newspaper report says 'Airline chairman says XYZ must raise its flight occupancy'. Wink, wink, look for a quick fare reduction. It could even happen overnight.
  10. If you fly across time zones you can save money by flying one route instead of another. See page 9 to discover how this works and how to take advantage of it. In�the US this saving can be several hundred dollars.
  11. I've even discovered websites which offer 'promotional flight' bargains. Hey, would you like to fly somewhere nice for five pounds? Or five dollars? Just for the fun of going there. (Sometimes the publicity people want to photograph a full plane, so they sell the last few seats REALLY cheap.)
  12. There�s a website in my ebook which lists 117 budget airlines serving 120 countries. They're IATA airlines. That�s where you find these �5 and $5 fares. See�page 12. At those fares you could afford a second holiday this year. Or�make�a surprise visit to see the kids.

News: Los Angeles.� Skybus Airlines started service Tuesday, flying from Columbus, Ohio to Burbank, California, and selling tickets for as low as $10. Their goal is to charge even less.�

News: Christchurch.� $1 flights SALE sends Jetstar's website into a spin. Wednesday, 18 February. More than 50,000 people simultaneously snapped up $1 fares in Jetstar's promo flights sale.

News: Melbourne. "Budget airline Jetstar lifted off in the cheap fares race by offering $4 flights to all destinations, from Avalon."

News: London. RyanAir 1 Pound Seat Sale - no other taxes, or charges to pay. One British Pound will get you a one way fare with no other taxes, fees or surcharges.

These are some promotional flights I found where the ticket cost was just one dollar or one pound or one euro.

I collected these news items on 19th February.�

Read about these bargains in my ebook on page 11.

Sorry, but I can't go back and update this news page once it's established.��

But you get the idea . . .�

�� There�s a website listed in my ebook on page 12 where you can print your own BOARDING PASS before you leave your home or office. How much standing-in-line time will that save you? Isn't your time more important than standing in line for an hour?

I could list lots more of what�s in my ebook, but you get the idea.


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Can you save money when you absolutely must fly somewhere tomorrow?� YES!

�� Read page 13 in my book to learn about last minute ticket bargains. They exist because most airlines slash their fares a few hours before certain takeoffs to make their occupancy rate higher. You should know where to find these bargain fares online.

�� You never know when an emergency will arise. But you shouldn't pay through the nose - especially when you don't have to!

�� I reckon spending $10 on my book will save you $100 or $200 on a single flight. Or�maybe $300 on a long flight. So getting my book�is a simple decision.

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'How to get BARGAINS when you buy airline travel tickets online'

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Testimonial:�� �It�s a short ebook but has a wealth of good ideas and knowledge and information for seasoned travellers and novices who are just learning how to book flights online.�
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( I'd be happy to add your testimonial here when the time comes. Email me. Thanks.)

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'How to get BARGAINS when you buy airline travel tickets online'

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