Before you buy any franchise
discover the truth about what is involved in running a franchised business.

Buying a franchise can be the quick path to a rewarding lifestyle ─
or a daily nightmare!


Do you want to work together?

Do you want to use your personality - or machines and muscles



Do you want to struggle along on your own?

Do you want to work late into the night? Or do you want a sensible lifestyle?


You wouldn't be looking at a franchise if you didn't want a change of lifestyle.

You want to run your own business.

You want assured income.

You want to be respected in your community.

You hear that 93% of franchises are successful and only 7% fail.

The more you learn about franchises the better.




Finding the right franchise, in the right place, doing the right things with the right people,
can give you everything you want in life.
YOUR TASK is to discover what is right for you.
(So you make the correct decision first time.)
There are 24 questions you should answer before you take on a franchised business.
A franchise is like a marriage: it can be heaven or hell.
Before you take the plunge, read Ann Andrews’ book
‘What You Need To Know About Franchising Before You Buy One’.
Consider it part of your ‘due diligence’.

Friday 4.15pm
Dear Friend,
My name is Brian Morris and I met Ann Andrews when she was the guest speaker at my business club.  Her topic was ‘Mistakes to avoid when you take on a franchise.’

Wow! The holes some people dig themselves into! Yet most franchise business problems could easily have been avoided.
Her book tells you how.

Ann was (and still is) passionate about franchising. She has been a business coach to franchisees. Now she is a franchisor. She speaks with knowledge, experience and authority. She knows a lot about all aspects of franchising.

In her speech she covered all the questions I wanted answered. Then she took questions from the floor. That was the most interesting part.

Let me explain why . . .

I’ve been in business over 40 years so I’m no bunny. But I was amazed at the questions about franchising I didn’t even think to ask!

I’m glad there were bright people in that audience because they quizzed the lady for a full hour. They were still going after the president closed our meeting. Ann left no one with any unanswered questions. Some of us bought her book.

There’s a great deal more to franchising than ever I thought. For starters:

Q1     How much working capital is needed AFTER you’ve bought the franchise? See her answer on page 39 in her book
‘What You Need To Know About Franchising Before You Buy One’.

Q2     How do you know whether you have the right temperament to run a franchise? See page 35.

Q3     Will your previous business experience be an advantage or a disadvantage? See page 35.

Q4     If it’s true that 93% of new franchise businesses are successful, why are some of those owners selling their franchises? Is there a best time to buy or sell a franchise? See page 36.

Q5     If some people buy into a franchise for the wrong reasons, what are those wrong reasons? See page 37.

Q6     If you have to follow ‘the franchise system’ do you lose your ability to be creative and make your own decisions? Do you become a franchise zombie? See page 37.

Q7     If the people who organise franchised businesses say they know what works and what doesn’t work, which signals should I look for to know they’re telling me the whole truth? See page 38.

Q8     If I go to my franchisor and say “Help me. I’m out of my depth” what kind of help can I expect? Will asking for help count against me at HQ? See page 38.

Q9     Should I go with a big-name franchise (like McDonalds or Subway or TGIF), or should I go with a small local outfit where I’ll get personal training by the person who founded the original business? See page 38.

Q10    If I have to borrow money to buy my franchise, what is the recommended maximum/minimum equity ratio so my bank doesn’t strangle me? See page 39.


Is a franchise business always successful?

I said to Ann Andrews, the author of this ebook “You’ve worked with people on both sides of the franchise fence. You’ve achieved a lot. You’ve made some interesting discoveries and made some clanger mistakes. Does your book tell the absolute truth about what a new franchise owner needs to know before he or she buys a franchise? Or is it a sales puff?”

“Definitely it's the whole truth. The points I make apply to ANY franchise. Oh, how I wish this book was available when I appointed my first franchisee!"
"I’ve got a business diploma but I had to learn most of this stuff by the seat of my pants.

There was no book like this back then. The combined franchising experience of all the people I've advised must aggregate to several hundred years."


Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.
Isn’t that the truth! 

Then you should find out!

“Running a franchised business is working to a specialised business plan - with a budget. It takes awhile to really appreciate all the pros and cons. Sometimes the restraint of a proper business plan helps you stay safe – like a car seat belt.

Knowing about the down-side factors of a franchise business in advance makes the whole thing far less scary.

“That’s why you must be careful who you go to for advice. You wouldn’t ask your lawyer whether your sore leg needs an operation. Pick your advisers carefully.

Reading Ann's book should be part of your 'Due Diligence'.
“I use accountants and lawyers but I don’t ask them questions outside their field or I’d get misleading or even wrong answers. The franchising business is not new (it was founded in 1953) but not every lawyer or accountant understands it fully. Certainly not as franchise operators. I don't expect them to."


There are six stages of franchising

“There are six recognisable stages people go through with any franchise. Knowing in advance what these stages are takes away all the mystery and most of the worry.

“In business there will always be some worries. That’s why franchised business owners earn a good income, plus profits.

“An early mentor told me working a franchise business would be like driving from LA to New York. The journey isn’t a straight road and some of it is through unfamiliar territory. There will be many periods of sublime satisfaction and a few dark valleys. But if you have a reliable map you’ll know when to expect a dip or a sudden turn. In time you’ll reach your destination. I’d say he was right."

Franchising is a proven business model. The first McDonald's franchise started in 1953. So there’s over 50 years of franchise experience to learn from. That’s why it helps if you really study this business before you sign on for any franchise.

“That’s why I wrote this book" Ann says. "I give it to every prospective franchise buyer who is looking at my business. I don’t want them buying a franchise from me for the wrong reasons."

Ann Andrews is a professional business trainer. She owns and operates Teams From Woe To Go, with franchised trainers.



Read what these people say about Ann Andrews’ franchising book:

“Having discovered your book it now forms an important part of our introductory material we give to all new franchisees.

"I find it an invaluable starting guide for the individual who is new to the idea of franchising. It is informative, inspiring, reassuring and often humorous. In particular the bit which refers specifically to the relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor.

"You describe the various stages of expectation, frustration and exhilaration that franchisees may experience.  The book reiterates many of my own personal thoughts and my attitude towards the franchisor /franchisee relationship. It presents a clear outline of the prospective franchisee’s undertaking and our respective expectations.

"To date, I have received only positive feedback from people who study your book.”
Karl Sandall, Chief Executive, TaxAssist (franchised) Accountants, Norwich, England.


Read what these people say about franchises

"The biggest lesson I have learned in making a business 'a hit' is to keep taking action, keep moving forward and keep tweaking it along the way. If you took action and that action didn't work, then it becomes a lesson. So it is still useful even if it is a lesson on what not to do next time.

"All businesses take time to become really successful, some longer than others. However, all successes are due to having a clear plan, not giving up, being committed, focused and taking massive action."
Michael Dean, CEO, Mars Venus Coaching, Australia.

"When people ask me what methods or strategies I use to keep myself motivated and focused, I tell them I've always found it's worthwhile taking the helicopter view of all issues. This allows me to remove myself from the problem and see it from afar. This usually gives me the opportunity to view important issues with more clarity and not get caught up in the distracting immediate details."
Michael Sherlock, CEO of Brumby's Fresh Bread Shops.
Other testimonials are held on file. Just ask.

OK. I think you know by now whether you should buy this book about franchising.
Click here to get the book now. $15.






This book is not sold in shops.
‘What You Need To Know About Franchising Before You Buy One’.
Allow a few seconds for your ebook to download. Download time depends on your computer’s size and download speed.  

Information gathered as part of due diligence is a tax deductible expense. 

This is a 100% secure site, fully encrypted to the same security level as a Swiss bank and the US Military. 
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If you’re still unsure whether to buy this book,
please answer these remaining questions:

Q11   How much money do you expect to invest in your franchise business?

Q12   Will $15 be less than .001%  of that amount?

Q13   Would you consider $15 good insurance if it saved you from making an expensive wrong decision? Or even if it helped confirm that your decision was right? Either way - you win.

Q14   Do you agree with this statement: “The more I know about franchising, the better decisions I’ll make, both now and in the years ahead?”

Q15  Is buying a franchise a wise move in today’s economic conditions? See the positive answer on page 39.

Q16  How can I tell in advance whether working in a franchise will make me happy? See page 40.

Q17  Should I pick a city or suburban or country franchise location? See page 40.

Q18  How can I tell just by looking whether a franchise business is well managed? See page 40. 

Q19  Should I stick with the industry I came from and already know or try something new? Check page 41.

Q20  How can I recognise a franchise niche opportunity in a new town? See page 41.

Q21  What strategy works best when I go drumming up business in a new place? See page 42.

Q22  Should I buy or rent or lease premises? Read page 43.

Q23  How do I find essential business services in a new town? See page 43.

Q24  Where can I go to discover the background of the franchise I’m considering buying? See page 43.  It lists some very helpful places for you to check before you make your decision about a franchise.

My friend, you need answers to every single one of those questions
Please don’t sign a contract until you are 100% satisfied and all your questions have been answered.

If you make your big decision without doing your ‘due diligence’ - be warned. It’ll bite you. It’ll cost you time, money, heartache or all three.

Remember, when you buy Ann’s book you benefit from her combined experience of being a franchisor and being mentor to lots of franchisees. She tells you the full story - honestly.

Click the buy now button to get the book now. US$15.


This book carries a 100% money-back guarantee that you'll be delighted. 




‘What You Need To Know About Franchising Before You Buy One’.
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Brian Morris,

friend of Ann Andrews, the author.

My telephone worldwide is 00649,5366172   My time zone is GMT+12 hours.

My address: 1 Liberty Crescent, Auckland 2018, New Zealand.


P.S. Here's something else you'll get.
Everyone who buys Ann Andrews’ ebook ‘What You Need To Know About Franchising Before You Buy One’
gets something money can't buy.
That's our combined experience.

Whether you're new to running your own business or you’ve done so for years, remember this ... You can always learn a valuable new idea from someone with 40+ years of business experience. Age does bring wisdom.

There's a huge difference between ‘What You Need To Know About Franchising Before You Buy One’ and buying a Better Business Bureau guide book.

Ann can help you answer the question ‘Could I do this and be happy?’ whereas a guide book says ‘XYZ is a great business with excellent profit potential’.
Do you see the significant difference?

P.P.S.    All this is a pretty impressive package for 15 bucks. It would need to be x3 that if it was for sale in shops. (But it's not.) You save money because ebooks don’t use paper, printing or postage. Besides, our guarantee means you really don't risk anything.

You're covered by our 100% 30 day money-back full-refund guarantee. It's a trust thing among the franchise brotherhood. We do what’s fair. 

Let me say that again ... read the book for 30 days ... use the full month … then decide if the book is worth the money. That's my address above. There's absolutely no risk with a 100% 30 day money-back full refund guarantee.

One last thought: 
Your decision today is one of life’s biggies.
Even if you don’t buy a franchise this week, once you've read this book you’ll make your decision (to buy a franchise or not to buy) based on solid information, so either way you will sleep peacefully tonight. I know I can guarantee that too.


Click here to get the book now. US$15.
‘What You Need To Know About Franchising Before You Buy One’.




Allow about 10 seconds for your ebook to download.
Download time depends on your computer’s capacity and download speed.
This is a 100% secure site, fully encrypted to the same security level as a Swiss bank and the US Military. 
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The End.  Decision time is here.
We wish you well.